When I get to photograph engaged couples I always get to see something beyond just two people that are nicely dressed for a photo shoot. Yes, most of the time they actually are.  But there is something more when it comes to an engaged couple. There is the chemistry between both. There is the affection that they both share. There is the humor that they have, and the smiles and laughs they share.They hold hands, they kiss, they are in love. They are in fact engaged.

That is what the camera captures. It doesn’t, it cannot invent it or mimic it. It’s either there or it’s not. Sometimes there is the added plus that a couple is incredibly comfortable and relaxed enjoying the shoot; they trust what I can do and are my partners in creating a memory that will last.

That is what I had the privilege to see and have with Sara and Dan. They met me with a smile. They met me with their laughter. They met me with the kindness of letting my 2 year old play with their adorable dogs. They met me with the humor of Dan’s demeanor and persistent smile and jovial spirit and Sara’s love for being in the moment, present and enjoying the time together. They looked fabulous, they matched, they loved, they laughed and they are by all means in love. And that is what my camera got to capture, and what I can share with you today.

I can only wish you both the best. Don’t stop laughing, don’t stop loving, don’t stop being who you are. May the grace you show in these pictures continue to guide you as your life continues to grow together. Cheers guys!

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